An iPhone with Gyde open, swiping a movie to the watchlist.

Your Universal Watchlist

Effortlessly swipe and save everything you have seen and want to save, no matter what service you watch it on.

Have a huge watchlist? Instantly cut down it down to something manageable, by only showing the items you can stream.

A TV with Gyde open, showing the homescreen.

Just press play

Use Gyde for Apple TV and watching the movie is a single button press away - No more searching for the best place to watch it.

Something for the whole family

Pair Gyde on your Phone and your Apple TV for the ultimate experience.

Merge the movies you all want to watch into a single, combined watchlist - Making it easy to find the right movie for everyone.

The services you already know & love

Gyde is built around your own services, tracking only the sources you care about.

We're constantly adding new services, so if we're missing a service you use, get in touch and we'll work to add it.

Never miss a new release again

Watchlist a movie and we'll automatically send you a push notification when it becomes available to stream on your services - as easy as that.

Want more?

Sign up for the Gyde mailing list below and we'll send you periodic updates. Want to be more involved? Join our beta program and you'll get early access to new versions of Gyde.